Civil Engineering / Opencast Mining

National Certificate: Construction Plant Operations SAQA ID 65789 

Perform basic fire fighting    12484
Provide risk-based primary emergency F/Aid    120496
Demonstrate and understanding of OHS&E Leg    246667
Maintain and adapt Oral/signed communication    119454
Apply Firefighting techniques    252250
Explain and Perform Fall Arrest Techniques When Working on Heights    229998
Operate Tractor Loader Backhoe    262727
Operate a Face Shovel    262746
Operate a Frond End Loader    262747
Operate a Grader    262735
Operate a Mobile Elevating Work Platform    243272
Operate a Rigid Body Dump Truck    262731
Operate a Roller    262805
Operate a Scraper (Motorized Scraper Bowl/ Elevator)    262710
Operate a Service Truck    262790
Operate a Sideboom    262824
Operate a Skid Steer Loader    262712
Operate a Tip Truck    262734
Operate a Tracked Dozer    262729
Operate a Tractor    262804
Operate a Water Cart    262764
Operate a Wheeled Dozer    262713
Operate a Articulated Dump Truck    262745
Operate a Excavator    262744

Further Education and Training Certificate: Supervision of Construction Process SAQA ID 65949 

Erect, use and dismantle access scaffold    263245
Inspect access scaffold    263205

National Certificate: Construction Health and Safety SAQA ID 77063 

Apply H&S to a work area    9964
Work in confined spaces on construction site    15034
Conduct a continuous risk assessment in a workplace    120330
Monitor, report and advise on the application of safety and health principles regarding the movement of people and materials in and around a working place    120325
Demonstrate Knowledge And Understanding Of Relevant Current Occupational Health And Safety Legislation    120344
Participate in the implementation and evaluation of a safety and health management program in the Workplace    259601

General Education and Training Certificate: Construction SAQA ID 49411 

Use and Maintain Hand Tools on a Construction Site    12877
Use and Maintain Power Hand Tools on a construction Site    12878
Use and Maintain Small Plant and Equipment on a construction site    119076


Pneumatic Road Roller
Smooth Wheeled Roller
Vibratory Roller
Drawn Type Grid/ Vibrator/ Trench Compactor
Pan Compactor
Ejector Hauler
Re Claimer (Roto Mixer)

Concrete Dumper
Truck Mounted Concrete Dumper
Mill Relining Machine
Operate a Diesel Bowser
Barricading, Signage and Traffic Control
Conveyor Belt (Belts men)
Lead and Supervise Construction Team