5 Benefits of Truck Mount Cranes

Whether you need to hire a crane for a single project or you want to expand your business’ heavy equipment, choosing the right crane is essential for safe and efficient lifting. The right crane for your business depends on how many job sites you need the equipment for, how heavy of loads you lift, and numerous other factors.

However, for many business owners, a truck mount crane is one of the smartest types to consider. In this blog, we discuss how truck mount cranes differ from other models and five benefits of this crane type.

What Is a Truck Mount Crane?

As the name suggests, truck mount cranes consist of two main sections: the lower and the upper. The lower section resembles a semi-truck and may sit on four to eight wheels and includes a cab for driving.

In some cases, the cab doubles as an operating booth. However, because the cab has to be at the right height for proper visibility when driving on normal roads, some truck mount cranes have a secondary operating booth at the back of the rig. The secondary operating booth usually only exists on larger models. The upper section consists of the crane itself and a secondary operating booth when applicable.

Truck mount cranes come with numerous truck sizes and crane heights to make them compatible with a number of lifting situations. Most truck mount cranes can be upgraded to include a crane with more height or a higher weight capacity if needed.

Unlike conventional models, truck mount cranes can be moved by anyone with the correct driver’s license qualifications. Truck mount cranes are also more maneuverable and can fit onto smaller job sites.

What Are the Advantages of Truck Mount Cranes?

The size, mobility and maneuverability of truck mount cranes make them ideal for many industrial projects. Below, we list five ways a truck mount crane may benefit your business.

1. Better Site Accessibility

To place a conventional crane on a jobsite, you have to be able to transport the crane components to the location. Traditional crane setup can be impractical and even impossible in remote locations. Because truck mount cranes are a single unit, this equipment is easier to get to difficult sites.

Additionally, truck mount cranes do not need the support pads required for conventional crane setup. On a site where the ground is sandy or soft, a truck mount crane may perform better than another model without the need for supports that are as large or extensive.

2. Easier Material Transport

To transport heavy materials with a standard crane, you have to lift the item with the crane, deposit the materials into a truck, drive the truck to the new location and unload using a crane. When you have a truck mount crane, you can move heavy materials over short distances on the crane itself.

This capacity means that you don’t have to use as many trucks or spend as much time on transport logistics.

3. Fewer Overall Costs

When you need a traditional crane, you have to prep your site by laying a foundation or installing support pads. Then, you must have the crane built on the foundation. These tasks can take up a significant amount of time that you could be using on your actual project. Additionally, you may need to pay for specialised labour for this process.

When you use a truck mount crane, you can almost always work with the original site and use labourers you already have.

4. Less Required Space

As mentioned in the first section, truck mount cranes require less overall space than standard cranes. This characteristic makes truck mount cranes ideal for urban development and construction on properties that have existing buildings in place.

Additionally, a truck mount crane can be moved to allow other vehicles to pass through the space. Once you have a standard crane in place, it has to stay where it is until the end of your project.

5. Shortened Prep Time

In addition to the site preparation required before building a standard crane, these cranes must also undergo daily checks before you can begin work. While truck mount cranes also require routine inspections to ensure safety and optimal performance, these inspections are shorter because the crane is simpler and more compact.

This shortened prep time can reduce the hours needed in your average workday and your schedule for the entire project.

As you decide on the right crane for your business, consider the benefits of truck mount cranes listed above. This crane type can make your business more mobile, flexible and versatile and therefore more competitive in your industry as a whole.